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Improving lives through the outdoors.


We believe in empowering children and improving access to nature.

Footpath Foundation connects youth to nature, providing outdoor experiences they would not otherwise have. Opportunities such as hiking, exploring, fishing, and camping help kids become more resilient, improve their physical and mental health, and develop life-enhancing skills.

Footpath Foundation believes all children deserve access to nature and outdoor experiences. These experiences are the building blocks that help kids become responsible adults and leaders in their communities. Footpath Foundation provides children who lack access to the natural world the kinds of outdoor activities that enrich their overall development, health, and well-being.

Along the way, kids experience personal growth, improve self-awareness and increase their appreciation for nature.

Footpath Foundation's first campfire.
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Our Story

It all started at a Trumbull County overnight camp. In the summer of 2016, Footpath Foundation took 48 kids from Boys & Girls Clubs of Cleveland to Camp Whitewood, about 40 miles east of Cleveland. It was not just a new experience for Footpath: All of the kids were attending overnight camp for the first time — spending three nights and four days together.

Some had never been away from home. Some were amazed by the clear view of the stars. Others were uncomfortable with the constant silence. We were overjoyed by the amazing, positive changes that took place over those four  days.

It made us want to provide even more kids with the joy of the outdoors. By partnering with Lake Erie Nature and Science Center, Common Ground, and the local park districts, we were able to organize outdoor field trips.


We were overjoyed by the amazing, positive changes that took place over those four days.”

We then added horsemanship to the mix. Footpath began offering equestrian therapy to girls living in foster care at Ohio Guidestone. And working with Fieldstone Farms, we were able to offer children from Boys & Girls Clubs a week-long horseback riding day camp.
We expanded once again by offering an after-school nature club and increasing both the number of sessions and the number of kids attending overnight summer camps.
In the first four summers, we took 371 kids to overnight camp and more than 350 kids on outdoor adventures. In addition, we have made it possible for 50 girls to receive intensive equestrian therapy. 
Collaboration and true partnerships make our programs work. Without our partners and supporters, we would not be able to make as large of an impact on children as we have to date.

What makes Footpath different?

Footpath Foundation believes kids who feel connected to the natural world develop traits and skills that help them throughout life. We do not just provide outdoor activities for kids; we also focus on social and emotional learning, character development, and the child’s overall well-being.

Exposure to nature positively affects kids by:

Decreasing stress and anxiety

Improving mental health

Increasing academic achievement

Improving problem-solving abilities

Improving self-esteem and self-confidence

Outdoor experiences allow kids to have the opportunity for safe, independent adventures. There are also lessons in teamwork, patience, and bravery. And the freedom to just be kids.

Our Mission

Our kids need you. Help connect them to nature by donating, volunteering or helping gather camping gear.

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