November 30, 2021

Giving Tuesday

Did you know some of our first-time campers never really noticed the stars in the sky before spending a night outdoors with Footpath Foundation? Or that some children were unaware they lived just miles from a Great Lake? On this Giving Tuesday, you can give these kids and others the power of nature -- a connection that in many cases is life-changing. A gift of any amount helps.


  • Sponsors an entire cabin of kids - Give


  • Sponsors an outdoor field trip for a whole classroom - Give


  • Sponsors a sixth-grader for a year - Give


  • Gives Outdoor Connection Kits to an entire class - Give


  • Gives a child a camp experience - Give


  • Provides a sleeping bag and pillow for a camper - Give

Footpath Foundation

Any amount helps!

Your donation of any amount will give a kid an outdoor experience- maybe making a s'more for the first time.

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Our kids need you. Help connect them to nature by donating, volunteering or helping gather camping gear.

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