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Footpath's camping programs are so much more than hiking and s'mores. They can change lives. Will you join us in making a powerful difference?

Most of our campers have never been to a camp of any kind. For many, it is unfamiliar, even scary. But the courage and resiliency the kids build while immersed in nature propel them to form friendships, grow personal strengths and gain new perspectives on life. They develop valuable life skills – skills that will lay the foundation for growth and success. It is remarkable.

We need your help to cover all the costs of camp since the children we serve are from under-served communities. Costs of camp are many, including camp tuition, transportation, trauma-informed support staff and more.

Kids take part in activities like archery, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, creek exploring, campfires, sing-alongs, camp games, gaga ball, frisbee golf, fishing, arts and crafts, cabin skits, low ropes problem-solving, teamwork games, tie-dye, age-appropriate challenges, and learning about nature and wildlife.

Being a part of our Footpath Programming helps kids learn problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, effective communication, confidence, bravery, fun, hope, and happiness, as well as lessons about kindness and new perspectives.

Camp allows kids to just be kids.

Many children coming from under-served communities do not feel completely carefree, as they are often taking care of family members, worrying about their family’s finances, or feeling stressed about the future. At camp, they temporarily let go of the pressures of life. They feel safe and at peace.

Camp opens their eyes to new possibilities and new experiences. They often begin the trip by wondering how so many trees got into one place or the softness of the dirt beneath their feet. Afterward, they feel free, happy, and confident. We need your help to give more kids these invaluable opportunities.

With gratitude,

Mary Macias, CEO & Co-founder

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Our kids need you. Help connect them to nature by donating, volunteering or helping gather camping gear.

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